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Lucky Patcher v5

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Phiên bản 6.1.2 3 năm trước

Mô tả của Lucky Patcher v5

Lucky Patcher is a tool mainly used to remove advertising from apps or to unlock in-app purchases and other restricted features.

The app works better if you have a rooted device. This means that you have to have "administrator privileges" on you phone or tablet. That being said, some of Lucky Patcher's features WILL work on nonrooted devices.

Just open LP, search for the app you want to patch - the ones that have custom patches available usually work better - and hit "Patch". Depending on the size of the app, it might take your device a while to finish the process. Once it's done it will show green (successful patch); yellow (partial patch); or red (unsuccessful) text, informing you of the results.

Remember to always keep Lucky Patcher data updated, since new custom patches for Apps are released very often.

Lastly, take a look at the bottom menus, especially the toolbox, where you can find many useful new tricks to teach your device.

Lucky Patcher should be used for educational purposes only.

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Phiên bản APK 6.1.2
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